5 Reasons you should be using VAT Enabled E-Clinic Software

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Acquire Quality:

The medical information of the patient is distant together with the critical data of the patient, for example, the age and the restorative history of the past. VAT Enabled hospital management software intends to improve a few clinical forms and less the requirement of the facilities of the physician for the personnel to acquire quality and administrations.

Physician Consultancy:

Therefore, the appropriate VAT controls and processes should be established to ensure that the correct treatment of VAT is applied in an Impact of VAT on their doctors’ consultation and professional fees can also be Exempt under VAT. Therefore, doctors cannot either recover the VAT charged to them, such as the VAT charged for the rental of clinic rooms.


VAT enabled E-Clinic software provides high level of security so unauthorized users cannot access the patient record or sensitive data. Where hospitals subcontract services (such as the provision of health and services, VAT Enabled lab management software services, security services), all will be subject to VAT.

Reduce Errors:

The hospital management software also releases the restorative person from the errands of the administration of information so that it can focus more in the care of the patient. Greater competence: after using the framework of the hospital administration, the medical services unit never needs to assist the afflictions, for example, faults of records, diminish and copy records. The information is effective as well as helps to improve the work of different offices, for example, the fund, since they can be charged precisely by the medical administrations. The information is used similarly for the appropriation of the restorative guide and for the detection of diets for patients. The scope of the error decreases: software the health center can help an assistant to select the use of medicines successfully, which promotes the best use of the recipes better control of costs: the hospital software tries to promote profitability.

Maintain Satisfaction Level:

With the configuration of the VAT enabled E-Clinic software , it is possible to maintain the levels of satisfactory existence of the basic supplies of the hospital in all circumstances.


Features of VAT Enabled E-Clinic Software  

  • Online and walk-in Patient Registration
  • Doctor and search facility
  • Online and Assisted Patient Registration
  • Appointment Tracking via SMS/Email
  • Diagnostic upload
  • Doctor Dashboard
  • E-Prescription
  • Patient Card
  • Alerts & Warnings
  • Customizable Templates/Order Sets
  • Patient/Doctor Data privacy & security
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Patient History
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
  • Provision to use ICD 10 and its variants for disease coding, CPT 4 and similar standards i.e. ACHI for procedure coding.

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Mobile#: +966547315697

Email:  sales@bilytica.com

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