How HRMS in Riyadh Helps To Track the Efficiency of the Vendor?

PeopleQlik #1 HRMS in Riyadh as the organization grows, the investment in human capital also increases. HRMS has played an important role in managing the most critical resources of any organization. i. Human resources. HRMS can be used to manage not only internal employees but also overseas employees who work under your salesperson.

PeopleQlik #1 HRMS in Riyadh

How HRMS in Riyadh Helps To Track the Efficiency of the Vendor?

How HRMS in Riyadh Helps To Track the Efficiency of the Vendor?

Tracking the Performance of Vendors

It is often difficult for companies to monitor the performance of these employees due to a lack of direct contact and supervision. You are completely unaware of the dropout rate, working conditions, human resources policies, benefits, and compensation offered. As a result, you have no choice but to trust and rely on your supplier. Although your in-house project manager may be assigned to the offshore site, it costs you a lot of money, especially for long-term and general projects. The need for HRMS in Riyadh increases when you have offshore teams scattered around the world. It offers you a centralized management system for all your employees.

Let us discuss the Assistance offered by HRMS

Compensation Management

  • Compensation management eliminates the need for labor-intensive planning procedures and the high administrative cost associated with it.
  • Besides facilitating a simpler compensation planning and process, HRMS ensures transparency for your offshore employees.
  • Fair compensation for their services is the key to employee loyalty. HRMS ensures that they are being rightly paid by the vendor depending upon their designation and experience.
  • It can simultaneously manage fixed and variable pay structures.
  • Salary functionality in HRMS in Khobar gives you flexible reporting ability.
  • It further helps you to record employee salary-related data to help you to identify salary trends, impact on the turnover and take a critical decision on talent retention.
  • With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can plan for pay components within the country’s base currency.
  • Pay components like provident fund, tax deductions as per the local laws are managed smoothly.
  • It can easily integrate with the time and attendance module.
  • ​When the employee quits the service, it has a provision for managing the end of service benefits like gratuity and final settlement.

Recruitment Management

  • From furnishing manpower requirements to exit management, the recruitment management module HRMS touches every aspect of manpower needs.
  • This module is fully automated with separate dashboards for different managers.
  • It allows the managers to keep a track of open positions in the vendor’s organization and the status of candidates during the selection process.
  • It also helps you to create offer letters and notify the selected candidates through emails. Internal job postings and referrals are common ways to recruit new candidates.
  • HRMS in Jeddah suggests a suitable candidate meeting the required skills.
  • Recruitment agencies play a major role in the recruitment of external candidates. HRMS maintains the record of local recruitment agencies and monitors their status.
  • Apart from that, interview scheduling and informing the stakeholders involved about the schedule, updates, and changes is smoothly managed by HRMS.
  • Considering that recruitment is an ongoing process, HRMS gives the ability to archive the resume of prospective candidates in the database.
  • Create online tests associated with a particular job profile and give weight-age to these tests during selection.
  • Recruiters can even label the resume as shortlisted, rejected, approved, on hold etc for further consideration.

Employee Performance Management 

  • As your offshore employees are away from you, performance management is the key concern for many organizations.
  • Offshore employees, as a matter of fact, are completely unaware of your organizational goals. HRMS in Saudi Arabia helps you to align individual goals with your business strategy to maintain positive results in the long run.
  • It enables you to identify high-performing employees so that you can reward them appropriately and set a benchmark for motivating their colleagues.
  • It also ensures that the right people are promoted at the right time and at the right position.
  • Their performance can even be tracked in real-time to keep a track of their efficiency and suggest a method for improvement.
  • Given the relevance of teamwork, HRMS allows to you track critical skills and measure the collective performance of your offshore workforce to establish the need for training and other employee motivation programs.

Time Management

  • Daily time management is another sought-after concern by many organizations. This module allows you to fix time schedules for employees and induce flexibility in time schedules due to changes in employee shifts.
  • If you have multiple teams located at different offshore locations, then HRMS can help to design schedules for different locations according to the hierarchical level.
  • Daily attendance records, entry, and exit time are automatically recorded in the system so that you pay only for the number of hours worked.
  • It gives you an upper hand over your vendors who may falsely charge you for more hours.
  • It also keeps a check on later comers and early goers. Apart from that, it generates overtime wages on a daily basis.
  • You can generate time and attendance reports that help you to review the deviation in the working hours against your monthly or weekly manpower planning.
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Employee Training

  • Whether it is IT, HR, or customer service, every offshore employee needs the training to be at par with the changing needs of your customers. It is your responsibility to assess the training conferred by your vendor. In the cases, where you find the training to be deficient, HRMS in Riyadh can help you overcome that.
  • HRMS identifies the gap in the skill set of the employees.
  • The training module helps you to create and manage employee training courses through a centralized location.
  • You can allocate budgets to the training program and assign trainers within the organization.
  • It oversees the training status, training schedule and how well it is being conducted. Employees can test their current skill level and self-evaluate.
  • Furthermore, you can keep a track of employees who have taken the training course and plan for their career succession.
  • If the employees request the training program, then it can be rescheduled automatically.

Personnel Profile Management 

  • You can never be sure how good your vendors are in maintaining the detailed employee record. The personnel profile management module in HRMS makes ensures that every bit of information related to your employees is at your disposal.
  • Maintenance of employee records including personal details like address, phone numbers, etc can be efficiently done through this module.
  • Maintain the information of all past employers, experience, designation, and pay package.
  • Allow the employees to update their bank account information.
  • Employees can clearly view their company-specific details like designation, department, and reporting manager.
  • It can store information about family members, their contact numbers, and occupation. Information about educational qualification, degree and year of passing can all be store easily.
  • Furthermore, all documents and photos necessary for keeping employee records can be maintained through this module.


With so many features offered by HRMS in Riyadh, if incorporated, it will give your relocation business a boost. You can focus more on business development rather than supplier efficiency. HRMS helps you make a permanent arrangement to manage these offshore employees by exercising full control as you do over your internal employees.

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