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The expanding capabilities of VAT Enabled EMR Software require increasingly complex software, which heightens the likelihood of software failures that may harm patients.

Medical Records:

A software flaw in VAT Enabled EMR Software containing hundreds or thousands of medical records, such as a glitch that causes an inaccurate recording of patients’ allergies or medications, could adversely affect a large number of patients. Software bugs may jumble data, deleting information or depositing it in the wrong place.

Quick Access to Records:

Computers may spew forth a slew of disorganized data, such that physicians are unable to quickly find critical patient information. Data may be missing or corrupted (e.g., a laboratory value may come back with an extra character inadvertently inserted). System interface problems can lead to poor decisions, delays, data loss, errors, unnecessary testing, and system downtime.

 Boost Quality:

It has been suggested that the introduction of VAT Enabled HIS , rather than leading to improvements in the quality of data being recorded, has led to the recording of a greater quantity of bad data. Although some of the studies cited in this article are several years old, recent literature continues to cite these studies.

Quality of Care:

While a primary goal of VAT Enabled E-Clinic Software implementation is the reduction of medical errors, reports of new types of errors directly related to EMR implementation that can compromise quality of care and patient safety have emerged. For example, a patient’s treatment for cancer was delayed by several years because a setting in her physician’s EMR software defaulted to an old normal test result instead of the more recent abnormal results.

Automated Alerts:

 In another case, a baby died from a massive drug overdose as a result of a transcription error that occurred when a handwritten order was entered into the computer system. This medical error could have been prevented if automated alerts had been activated.


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