Medical Technology Trends in 2017: Change the way of Healthcare by EMR Software in Indonesia

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In the last year, there comes big changes in the field of medicine and healthcare. From EMR to personal health apps, in 2016 there was a lot of modifications occurs in medical technology trends in healthcare.

Most of these trends will continue and even accelerate in 2017, here are some trends that we think will really make themselves more known this year:


Gamification has been a main source in medical education.  Studies revealed as many as patients living with chronic diseases don’t follow their treatment schedules.  Gamified health gives patients, rewards, goals, and points as they complete their tasks related to treatment. This will greatly improve the acquiescence rate.


Medicine to one side is a natural offshoot of the internet which is connecting patients with their doctors instantly all across the globe.  This technology has revolutionized by Hospital EMR Software in Indonesia with a huge potential to offer access.  It can also lower the cost of medical consultancy for patients who may not need checkups for minor health issues. This software is connecting patients and healthcare providers online.

Mobile Medicine:

Adoption of Mobile medical apps is accelerating in 2017. Clinic Management Software in Indonesia helps patients to provide their reports or test results from smart devices in just few clicks.

Lab Management Software in Indonesia helps to diagnose medical issues with advanced sensors providing improvements on medical technology that track exactly what you’re drinking or eating. Healthcare IT trends will be democratizing and spreading in 2017.

With Cloudpital EMR Software in Indonesia, the medical sector will experience technological advancements, the innovation will continue to push the needle forward and make healthcare globally better.

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