Reduce Hospital Administration Cost with EMR Software in South Africa

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Many health care providers have found that electronic medical record (EMR) Software helps to improve medical records management by increasing EMR efficiencies and cost savings.

Based on the size of a health system and the scope of implementation, benefits for hospitals. To determine whether advanced EMR Software in South Africa use in hospitals is linked with lowering cost of providing patient care.

Create More Efficient Practices:

  • Improved managing medical records through integrated scheduling that associate the appointments directly to automate progress notes and managed claims.
  • Save time with easier centralized database and other shortcuts to access records.
  • Enhanced communication with other clinics, labs, and health plans through:
  • Easy access to patient data from anywhere
  • Track electronic messages to hospital management staff, other clinicians, hospitals, labs, etc.
  • Easily order and get receipt of lab tests and diagnostic images from other clinics, labs etc.


Reduce Paperwork:

Lab Management Software in South Africa can reduce the amount of time spend doing paperwork. It reduces costs administrative tasks, such as filling and processing billing requests. It can increase management efficiencies by streamlining these administrative tasks and significantly decreasing the costs.

Reduce Duplication:

Clinic Management Software in South Africa contain all of the patient’s data from all clinics in one place, it is less likely that you have to spend time in getting your reports you can get your reports from every clinics associated with the hospital or you can get your reports online and reduce duplication in medical procedures which fewer the costs.


Cloudpital’s EMR Software in South Africa provide a platform for doctors to communicate directly with the pharmacies which can save lives by reducing medication errors and lower administrative costs. It is cheaper and convenient for both doctors and clinics and safer for patients.

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Phone#: +61386585993


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