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100% Cloud based Solution for Specialty Practices

Cloudpital = EMR + Back Office ERP + E-Invoicing + E-Insurance + Inventory Control + Specialty Modules & More

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Why Cloudpital

Three significant issues facing the MENA region’s
healthcare sector are being addressed by Cloudpital


Problem: Does my medical practice abide by the rules of the Ministry of Health, CBAHI, SFDA, HIMSS and other organizations?

Solution: With Cloudpital, you can be confident that you’ll comply with all laws.

IT Complexity

Problem: A clinic requires multiple software vendors to run a single clinic including an EMR, inventory, HR & ERP vendors

Solution: Cloudpital = EMR + Inventory + ERP + HR + Accounting combined

Operational Efficiency

Problem: How can I improve my clinic operations, claims management, inventory consumables & RCM?

Solution: Clinics are enabled with AI technology of Cloudpital to have optimized operations

Our Compliance & Certifications

Trusted by Top Clinics in Saudi Arabia

Transforming Care

The Cloudpital unified healthcare information system is for organizations that want to make a difference in care by transforming care delivery and the patient experience. It is for organizations that are serious about digital transformation

  • A Single source of truth throughout the organization

  • Easier Access to the Information that Matters

  • Making better decisions by utilizing Cloudpital Analytics

  • Managing Care Cost & Quality

  • World-class Technology & Support

Single Clinic to Group Specialties

Effortlessly manage your business through one intuitive software.

Any specialty, any size, anywhere.

Our software fits the unique needs of your specialty, whether single or multi-specialty. Ready with pre-filled forms & templates for your specialty.

One solution to handle it all.

Cloudpital manages your practice, all in one place with a seamless workflow from check-in to billing to claim submission and scheduling to follow-up.

Complete EHR with back-end ERP

Say good-bye to multiple software subscriptions. Your staff, doctors, back office team, inventory team, are all happy with Cloudpital.

Our Clients achieve amazing results

Our Clients achieve amazing results

1st Saudi Cloud EHR platform WITH INTEGRATED ERP & Patient App

  • Technology to Grow Revenue, Reduce Costs

  • 100% Compliance with MoH regulations

  • 30% Reduced workload on Clinic Staff

  • Up-to 99% Insurance Claims Acceptance

Old Version of Health and and after CloudPital

Customized EHR For Your Specialty

Our selection of medical forms and charting shortcuts have been tailored for over 20 specialties, boosting staff efficiency and reducing manual errors. The modern design provides an intuitive experience, whether you’re on iPhone, iPad or desktop.


Physical Therapy




Mental Health


Plastic Surgery


Cloudpiltal is a growing EHR solution for specialized clinics & hospitals in
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Australia and EU region. CLoudpital is certified and comply to local regulations and health authories laws.

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