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In a rapidly changing world, CloudPital’s EMR system revolutionizes healthcare management. Streamline routine tasks, leverage data for informed decisions, and enhance patient and staff experiences with our cutting-edge technology

Hospital Information System

Manage patient admissions, bed allocation, in-patient medical records, IPD billing, and reporting seamlessly with our comprehensive HIS module.

Electronic Medical Records

Optimize patient care with EMR features like appointment scheduling, electronic consent, patient files, clinical diagnosis, and specialized clinical notes.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline back-office operations with robust ERP solutions, including accounting, finance, asset management, procurement, and comprehensive reporting.

Revenue Cycle Management

Enhance financial health through efficient billing, claims processing, revenue tracking, and payments management with our RCM module.

Inventory  Management

Efficiently manage inventory and lab operations, including pathology, radiology, and dental lab services, with integrated inventory and lab solutions.

AI & Analytics

Leverage AI-driven analytics for smart diagnosis, clinical insights, and access to over 100 KPIs to improve decision-making and patient outcomes.

Problems We


Disconnected Systems

Clinics have multiple systems in place, we provide one centralized solution having EMR, ERP and HR together.

Inaccurate Inventory Records

Clinics don’t have control over inventory, there are no automated systems in place for inventory.

Upto 20% Claims Rejections

CloudPital cuts claim rejections with a robust solution for insurance data accuracy.

Non-Compliance with MoH Regulations

CloudPital ensures full compliance with diverse healthcare regulations efficiently.

The refreshingly simple, and remarkably
effective, hospitals & clinics management platform.

We’re the best all-in-one, HIS & Clinics platform for growing,
ambitious healthcare facilities.

Saves Clinicians

2-3 Hours per Day

Community-driven improvement.

satisfaction over 40%

Dedicated customer support.

as much as 20%

More than another

Cloud EMR

OR Scheduling & B2B Operations

Some Day Surgery operation rooms are outsourced to other clinics, but they have outdated systems that can’t handle modern contract types.

Executive Alerts & Reporting

Executive management of Clinics requires real-time operational alerts and analytical reporting.

Post Clinic Wellness tracking

Chronic disease patients need post-appointment lifestyle monitoring, but there’s a lack of systems to support modern wellness technology.

Solution for Speciality departments

Dental, Dermatology, Cardiology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, ADHD, etc require tailored specialized solutions for their specific needs.

Improve Your Clinical Notes

Make better clinical notes easily. Our system is easy to use and helps you provide good care.

  • Improve Your Clinical Notes
  • See Full Patient History Easily
  • Save Time with Simple Templates
  • Quick Review and New Note Entry
  • Efficient Letter Writing with Notes
  • Customizable for Your Note Style
  • Control Access for Privacy and Safety

24/7 Support Available.

Whenever you require assistance, our dedicated team is just a quick phone call, live chat, or email away.

Rest assured that prompt, expert support is always available, ensuring you’re connected with our skilled and seasoned experts for all your software and practice management queries.

CloudPital is Powerful.

Our team will make sure you get the most out of it.


Mobile App

Experience healthcare at your fingertips with Cloudpital’s mobile app. Book appointments effortlessly, access patient files on the go, and get timely notifications. It’s easy, secure, and keeps you connected with your clinic’s world. Enhance your healthcare journey with our user-friendly app, designed for everyone’s convenience. Upgrade to smarter care today!

CloudPital’s unified healthcare information system helps organizations improve care delivery and the patient experience through digital transformation

  • A Single source of truth throughout the organization

  • Easier Access to the Information that matters

  • Making better decisions by utilizing Cloudpital Analytics

  • Managing Care Cost & Quality

  • World-class Technology & Support

CloudPital Telehealth

iOS & Android apps to book appointments, see Medical Records, Secure Access to Lab Reports, e-signing Consent forms, Feedback Surveys & Pre Check-in Questions

  • Book Appointments Instantly: No more waiting on calls. Schedule your next visit in seconds.
  • Access Medical Records Anytime: Your health information is right at your fingertips.
  • Lab Reports on the Go: View your lab results as soon as they’re available, wherever you are.
  • Easy e-signing of Consent Forms: Say goodbye to paperwork—consent with a click.
  • Share Your Experience: We value your feedback. Fill out surveys to help us improve.
  • Simplified Pre-Check-in: Answer a few quick questions before your appointment for a smoother visit.



Join us in leading the future of healthcare, enhancing patient care, and transforming medical practice efficiency. Experience the future of healthcare today with CloudPital.

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