Electronic Health Records (EHR)

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CloudPital is committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your optimal health and well-being. We offer a wide range of resources and support services to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Imagine a world where patient records are instantly available, seamlessly synced across devices, and accessible from anywhere. A world where prescriptions are sent electronically, lab results auto-populate charts, and appointment scheduling takes seconds. This is the reality of CloudPital EHR, a cloud-based platform designed to revolutionize healthcare workflows.

Beyond mere recordkeeping, Software Doctor fosters collaboration and optimizes care.Real-time data access empowers providers to make informed decisions instantly, while secure messaging facilitates seamless communication between doctors, nurses, and patients. Forget tedious administrative tasks – Software Doctor automates workflows, freeing up valuable time for what matters most: delivering exceptional Patient Care. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large hospital, Software Doctor scales with your needs, offering a future-proof solution for any healthcare organization.

Experience the power of a connected, efficient, and patient-centric future. With Software Doctor for medical records, you don’t spend thousands of dollars on set up, maintenance and licensing fees, and you don’t pay for workflow-driven customization or dedicated support.

Electronic Prescribing

CloudPital Electronic Prescribing (eRx) lets you prescribe, send, and refill medications instantly, all from one secure, cloud-based platform. Imagine saying goodbye to illegible handwriting, misplaced orders, and endless phone calls to pharmacies. With eRx, accuracy soars, efficiency skyrockets, and patient safety takes center stage.

But it’s not just about speed, it’s about smart care. CloudPital eRx integrates seamlessly with your EHR, instantly pulling up patient allergies, medication interactions, and insurance coverage. Its built-in drug database offers real-time guidance, ensuring optimal prescribing every time. Plus, patients love the convenience of electronic refills and automatic notifications, boosting adherence and engagement.

Workflow Automation

The integrated workflow is able to adapt to your individual preferences and style of practice that allows you to completely personalize your work. The system mirrors your current procedures and rejuvenates them using powerful tools for collaboration and automation.


Starting from KPI dashboards to intelligent scheduling for enterprise smart billing, intelligent scheduling reports, data mining and EHR, every aspect that comprise the software are fully integrated and can be customized to help accelerate learning, adoption, and the speed of service delivery.

  • Improve Productivity
  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle
  • Decrease Cost and Risk
  • Optimize Collaboration
  • Enhance Service Quality
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Engage Patients


Built for next-generation interoperability, Software Doctor enables the seamless transfer of information among all parties. Connect to

  • Health information exchanges
  • Pharmacies
  • Payers
  • Imaging and radiology services
  • Hospital networks
  • Patients
  • Registration for vaccinations
  • Specialty registrations
  • Electronic devices
  • Medical Billing Software

Electronic Labs

Advanced lab interfacing technology lets you connect to all your favorite labs. You can now send orders to and receive results electronically from most labs.
Features such as trending and task assignment, comparing current and past results, alerts for abnormal results and advanced reporting will allow you to deliver safer and more reliable care.

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