Empowering Gynaecologists
Modernizing Their Practice

Developed with a ‘Physician-Centric’ Approach
Enabling Seamless Consultation for Enhanced Women’s Health Outcomes

Partnering in your healthcare journey.

CloudPital is committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your optimal health and well-being. We offer a wide range of resources and support services to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Why do leading Gynaecologists trust CloudPital?

Recording LMP (Last Menstrual Period) & EDD (Estimated Due Date) in the Gynecology Module’s Visit Pad

Test Templates based on the Trimester

Auto calculation of EDD

Case Sheets for Gynae & Fertility

User-Friendly Features for Streamlined Clinic Management & Consultations

Comprehensive OBGY Test Template Covering OGT, D-Dimer, Uric Acid, Urine Albumin, Pap Smear, ANC, and AMH

How can EMR benefit your practice?

See more patients within the same OPD time
Share Rx in 14 regional languages
Build a stronger doctor-patient relationship
Increase your online patient visits and clinic footfall
Experience a better work-life balance
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