Effortless Clinical Note Management for Better Healthcare

Enhancing Healthcare with Effortless Clinical Note Management

Partnering in your healthcare journey.

CloudPital is committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your optimal health and well-being. We offer a wide range of resources and support services to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Clinical Notes

Diagnosis (ICD-10 AM/CM)

Efficiently assign and manage patient diagnoses using the extensive ICD-10 AM/CM code system.

Chief Complaint & History

Record and review patients’ chief complaints and medical histories comprehensively for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

Prescription (e-Prescription)

Effortlessly create and manage electronic prescriptions, enhancing patient care and ensuring accurate medication administration.

SFDA-Approved Drugs List Pre-Loaded

Access a pre-loaded list of SFDA-Approved drugs, ensuring safe and compliant prescribing within the regulations.

Insurance Pre-Approvals

Streamline the insurance pre-approval process for medical procedures and treatments, reducing administrative hassle for healthcare providers.

Labs & Radiology Orders

Effortlessly request and manage laboratory and radiology orders, streamlining the diagnostic process for healthcare providers and ensuring patients receive timely care.

Comprehensive Healthcare Management Modules

  1. Diagnosis (ICD-10 AM/CM): Swiftly code patient diagnoses with the ICD-10 system for efficient record-keeping.
  2. Chief Complaint & History: Document detailed patient symptoms and medical backgrounds to provide precise care.
  3. Prescription (e-Prescription): Simplify medication orders and send them directly to pharmacies for quick dispensing. Access a pre-loaded list of SFDA-approved drugs and streamline insurance pre-approvals for smooth healthcare interactions. Additionally, simplify diagnostic testing with easy lab and radiology test ordering and tracking, all within the specialized modules of the system.

Comprehensive Clinical Toolbox

  1. Efficient Diagnoses: Simplify coding patient diagnoses with the ICD-10 system for accurate treatment planning.
  2. Comprehensive Patient Records: Document detailed patient complaints and medical histories to inform care decisions.
  3. Streamlined Medication Management: Send electronic prescriptions, access approved medications, and manage insurance approvals effortlessly.

Enhancing Patient Care and Management
with Intelligent Healthcare Tools

Efficient Diagnoses

Quickly and accurately code patient diagnoses using the ICD-10 system.

Comprehensive Patient History

Thoroughly document patient symptoms and medical backgrounds for precise care.

Electronic Prescriptions

Simplify medication orders and send them directly to pharmacies for quick dispensing.

SFDA-Approved Medications

Access a list of approved drugs for safe and reliable prescribing.

Insurance Pre-Approval Management

Streamline the insurance approval process for smoother healthcare interactions.

Seamless Lab and Radiology Orders

Simplify diagnostic testing with easy ordering and tracking of tests.

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