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CloudPital is committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your optimal health and well-being. We offer a wide range of resources and support services to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Why do leading Dermatologists trust CloudPital?

In dermatology, patient records are digitally stored, containing comprehensive medical information and treatment details.

Test Templates based on the Skin Condition

Automatic calculation of healing duration

Case sheets for dermatology and skin health.

Dermatology-friendly features for efficient clinic management and consultations.

Comprehensive Dermatology Test Template Covering OGT, D-Dimer, Uric Acid, Urine Albumin, Skin Examination, and Skin Allergy Tests.

Access Medical Summaries with a Click

A great EMR not only records medical data efficiently but also provides valuable insights. Softwaredoctor’s EMR module analyzes a patient’s medical records, identifying pre-conditions, past medical history, current prescriptions, significant trends in test results, and more. It then generates an automated, customizable one-page medical summary, readily available when you open a patient’s chart. This feature streamlines your patient visits, offering a quick and comprehensive overview.

Visual Visit Comparison

CloudPital provides clear visualizations with adjustable markers that adapt based on the patient’s gender and age, simplifying trend identification.

For chronic cases, the “Compare Visit” Tool allows you to visually assess a patient’s progress across multiple visits. Its built-in clinical intelligence streamlines analysis, eliminating the need for complex filters and sorting. Easily track progress with a single click.

The Scheduler is designed exclusively for Dermatology Clinics

CloudPital ensures precise appointment scheduling at Dermatology Clinics. It automates appointment duration, color-codes appointments, and handles questionnaires, e-consents, pre-arrival follow-ups, and post-treatment communications. The system simplifies receptionist tasks by filtering services by patient gender, tracking package items, and managing clinic finances during appointment booking.

How can EMR benefit your practice?

See more patients within the same Dermatology clinic hours.
Share dermatology prescriptions in 14 regional languages.
Strengthen the dermatologist-patient relationship.
Boost your online patient appointments and clinic attendance in dermatology.
Achieve a more balanced work-life routine in dermatology.
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