The Hospital Information System (HIS)/ In-Patient System (IPS) streamlines hospital operations and improves patient care

The Hospital Information System (HIS)/ In-Patient System streamlines hospital operations and enhances patient care through digital record management.

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HIS / In-Patient System

IPD is developed by Specialists having 10+ years of study in CloudPital

IPD is designed by experts with over 10 years of experience in CloudPital systems, ensuring a high-quality healthcare solution.

100+ Forms & Sub-Modules for IPD

Our IPD system offers over 100 forms and sub-modules, enabling comprehensive and customized in-patient care solutions.

Complete Workflow from Admissions to Discharge

Our system provides a seamless workflow from patient admissions to discharge, ensuring efficient in-patient care management.

Clinical Inputs for Vent & Admitted Data

Our system integrates clinical data input for ventilator management and in-patient admission details, ensuring comprehensive patient care tracking.

Centralized Patient Billing

Centralized patient billing ensures streamlined financial management by consolidating all patient charges into a single, easy-to-manage system for improved financial transparency.

Smart Alarms & Alerting System

Smart alarms and alerting systems use intelligent algorithms to monitor various aspects of patient care, providing timely notifications to healthcare providers when intervention is required, improving patient safety and care quality.

Efficient HIS for Exceptional In-Patient Care

HIS (Hospital Information System) or In-Patient System is a comprehensive software solution used in healthcare settings, primarily within hospitals, to manage and streamline various aspects of patient care, including admissions, electronic health records (EHR), billing, and administrative processes. It helps healthcare providers deliver more efficient and effective in-patient care by digitizing and optimizing critical workflows. This system is designed to enhance the quality of care, reduce administrative burdens, and improve overall hospital management.

In-Patient Management System

An In-Patient Management System (IPMS) is a comprehensive healthcare software designed to streamline the management of patients who are admitted to a hospital or healthcare facility. It encompasses a range of features for patient admission, stay, and discharge, including patient records, billing, medication management, and more. IPMS improves the efficiency and accuracy of in-patient care and helps healthcare providers deliver better services to their patients.

Clinic Finances and Inventory with EMR

In-Patient Department (IPD)

The In-Patient Department (IPD) is where admitted patients receive medical care and services.

Patient Admissions

This involves the process of registering and admitting patients to the hospital.

Bed Management

Efficiently manage and allocate beds to admitted patients for their stay.

In-Patient Medical Records

Maintain comprehensive medical records of patients admitted to the hospital, including their diagnoses, treatment plans, and progress.

IPD Billing

Handle the billing and financial aspects of in-patient services, including insurance claims and payments.


Generate reports and insights related to in-patient activities, occupancy, and billing for better hospital management.

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