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CloudPital is committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your optimal health and well-being. We offer a wide range of resources and support services to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Why do leading Dentists trust CloudPital?

Customized EMR Tailored to Dental Module’s Unique Requirements

All Key Metrics, Including Oral Health Assessment and Comprehensive Analysis

Case Sheets for Simple & Comprehensive Dental Cases

Pertinent Dental Forms and Clinical Graphs

Real-Time Patient Care Management, Especially for Complex Dental Health

Lifestyle Aspects like Diet and Oral Care

Advanced Dental Charting

Effortless Treatment Planning on the Periodontal Chart. Automatically Records Patient History, Planned Treatment, and Completed Procedures. FDI Tooth Numbering for Adults and Children Supported. User-Friendly Click-Based Interface.

Our Dental EMR utilizes advanced SVG images for Periodontal charting. Whether you’re on a small 5″ phone screen or a large 29″ iMac, our charts are consistently clear and responsive for easy annotation.

Visually Compare Patient Visits

CloudPital provides clear visualizations with intelligent markers that adapt to the patient’s gender and age, making it easy to identify trends. For chronic cases, use the “Compare Visit” Tool to visually track a patient’s progress across multiple visits. Built-in clinical intelligence simplifies analysis, eliminating the need for complex filtering and sorting.

Flowcharts for Dental Clinics

Editable treatment flowcharts are provided for each specific treatment, enabling you to maintain checklists and record treatment details at the point of care. This ensures consistent and high-quality patient care, even in the absence of senior practitioners in your clinic.

How can EMR benefit your practice?

Tailored Dental Visit Pad for Specific Needs
Case Sheets for Every Dental Case
Key Metrics, Including RBS and HbA1C
Lifestyle Factors like Diet and Physical Activity
A prescription with Comprehensive Assessment Section
Relevant Dental Forms and Clinical Graphs
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