Seamless Billing and Payment Management for Your Convenience

Billing and Payment handling, simplifying financial transactions for your convenience.

Partnering in your healthcare journey.

CloudPital is committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your optimal health and well-being. We offer a wide range of resources and support services to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Billing & Payments

Insurance & Cash Payments

Effortlessly handle financial transactions with the flexibility to accommodate insurance and cash payments in one comprehensive solution.

Integrated with Nphies & e-insurance

Seamlessly connect with Nphies and e-insurance platforms to streamline insurance-related processes and enhance efficiency.

RCM & Revenue Protection System

Efficiently manage revenue through a comprehensive RCM system that safeguards your finances.

Upto Zero Claims Errors due to Smart Data input & Compliance Engine

Eliminate claims errors and maintain compliance with a smart data input and compliance engine, ensuring seamless operations.

Fully backed by back-office ERP System

Fully supported by an integrated back-office ERP system, ensuring efficient financial management and comprehensive business operations.

ZATKA Integrated System

A fully integrated system, ZATKA streamlines workflow and enhances overall operational efficiency for healthcare providers.

Comprehensive Healthcare Management Modules

The software efficiently handles both insurance and cash payments, integrating with Nphies and e-insurance to ensure seamless financial operations. It features a robust RCM and revenue protection system, minimizing claims errors through smart data input and compliance checks. Fully supported by a back-office ERP system, it also facilitates patient installment payments while providing a comprehensive ZATKA integrated system for streamlined healthcare management.

Seamless Finance and Healthcare Management

The software proficiently manages both insurance and cash payments, offering integration with Nphies and e-insurance for a smooth financial workflow. It boasts a reliable RCM and revenue safeguard system, reducing claims errors through intelligent data input and compliance verification. Supported by a comprehensive back-office ERP system, it enables patient installment payments and offers an integrated ZATKA system for efficient healthcare management.

Financial and Workflow Management
for Healthcare Operations

Payment Flexibility

Effortlessly manage both insurance and cash payments.

Efficient Integration

Seamlessly connect with Nphies and e-insurance systems.

Robust Revenue Management

RCM system safeguards revenue, ensuring minimal claims errors through intelligent data handling.

ERP Support

Strong back-office ERP system support for efficient healthcare administration.

Patient Installments

Allow patients the convenience of making payments in installments.

Streamlined Operations

Implement the ZATKA integrated system for efficient healthcare management.

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