Inventory Management

When you choose CloudPital for your inventory management system, you can relax knowing that everything is well-managed. Our system seamlessly tracks your inventory within your clinic management software, ensuring that all the essential information is readily accessible in one convenient location.

Partnering in your healthcare journey.

CloudPital is committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your optimal health and well-being. We offer a wide range of resources and support services to empower you to make informed healthcare decisions.

Cutting-Edge Inventory and Pharmacy
Management System

Procurement Management

CloudPital simplifies the management of your vendor relationships and purchase transactions, all within a single, fully integrated platform. You can effortlessly monitor purchases, oversee vendor relationships, and access contract details from one centralized location.

Efficiently Monitor a Comprehensive Inventory

Whether you’re running a small pharmacy or a comprehensive inventory system, your concerns are a thing of the past. Trust CloudPital to securely manage everything with ease through our intelligent software.

Stay Informed About Pharmacy Dispensing

Keeping your clinic’s stock updated, especially with pharmacy dispensing, is crucial. Our API integration simplifies stock tracking, ensuring you never struggle with inventory complexities in your clinic.

Create and Track Purchase Orders

Running a multi-specialty clinic can be challenging when dealing with paper-based interactions with numerous vendors and purchase members. Our intelligent software alleviates this headache, offering seamless management of all your orders and purchases right at your fingertips!

Management of Expiration and Returns

An indispensable feature of any clinic management software is the capability to monitor expiration dates and facilitate returns. And yes, we possess that remarkable capability! With us, you can ensure the freshness of your supplies without the concern of wasted resources due to spoilage.

Monitor Drug Availability

CloudPital offers a dependable real-time tracking system, enabling you to instantly view the availability of drugs in your inventory. With CloudPital, you can easily monitor drug availability and place orders promptly when supplies are running low.

Create and Monitor Purchase Orders

Managing vendors and purchase processes on paper can be a headache, especially in a multi-specialty clinic with numerous suppliers and team members. Our intelligent software eliminates that hassle, allowing you to effortlessly oversee all your orders and purchases with ease, right at your fingertips!

Management of Expiry Dates and Returns

One of the vital features of any clinic management software is the capability to monitor expiry dates and handle returns. Rest assured, we possess that exceptional capability! You can keep your supplies fresh, free from the worry of wasting money on spoiled items.

Monitor Drug Availability

CloudPital offers a dependable, real-time tracking system, providing you with instant visibility into the availability of drugs within your inventory. With CloudPital, you can easily monitor drug availability and promptly place orders when supplies are running low.

Implement Checks and Balances through Authorization

Establish a Discount Threshold for Packages. Deals exceeding this limit will require supervisor authorization before proceeding.

Increase Package Sales Effortlessly

Boost sales with preconfigured or customizable packages. Simplify tracking and enhance pricing with flexible payment terms. Trusted by some of the world’s largest clinic chains.

Increase sales by reducing initial expenses through Payment Terms.

Initiate convenient installment plans for package payments, customized to suit package prices. For instance, you can divide the cost of a high-value package into a greater number of installments to enhance affordability.

Combining Inventory Management and EMR


Healthcare facilities can streamline both patient care and inventory management processes, reducing paperwork and manual tasks.


Integration reduces the risk of errors by automating data transfer between the two systems, ensuring that inventory levels are updated based on patient needs and treatment plans.

Cost Savings

Effective inventory management helps prevent overstocking and understocking of supplies, reducing unnecessary expenses and improving cost control.

Patient Safety

Ensuring the availability of necessary medical supplies enhances patient safety and quality of care.

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