The patient blockchain that lets you assemble, own and share your health data – is on way to Live!

You should own the keys of your health vault

Cloudpital was founded with the vision that decentralized networks could restore trust in the Internet.
This, in turn, would allow patients to feel safe about their most critical data.

Consolidate your records

Break health data silos and organize all your medical records and fitness data in one place

Share your health picture

Grant care providers access to your complete medical history for better treatment

Be compensated for your data

Get paid if you share some of your data for medical treatment or safety research

Cloudpital’s distributed ledgers allow healthcare data to be managed securely without a central authority, but instead, by a group of users.

The issue with digital health data

Your health data is held captive in vaults owned by others, leading to:

icon Misinformed diagnosis and suboptimal care
icon Sharing and monetization without you knowing
icon Poor assessment of drug efficacy and safety
icon Limited use of clinical research and treatment improvement

CloudpitalPatientVault, the first data vault app running on the Cloudpital Health Blockchain

Our first application is going to live Soon!
Assemble your comprehensive health picture in our secure blockchain. Share it with your loved ones and care providers for more collaborative medicine.

Better data for better care

Privacy & Accountability

Active involvement in research

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