Healthcare Analytics

Cloudpital  has built in business intelligence and advanced analytics reporting tool which allows the healthcare practitioners to do self service BI . Cloudpital collects the data from multiple source systems and perform ETL and consolidate the data to make it useful for reporting purposes. Cloudpital healthcare analytics solutions help business users to do fact based decisions and they can better see and understand their data and hidden trends of various stake holders of their business.

Management Information System (MIS) module offered by CloudPital basically deals with performance of various departments at hospital. You can have various reports for the management unit to perform analytics about the effectiveness of different functions which are performed within an organization. You can have statistical tools for data analysis and it readily supports the decision making process of management. It is the module which offer the facility for the import of data in to different formats for manipulation. CloudPital offers a perfect Hawk Eye 360 degree view of effectiveness of healthcare organizations.




  • Self Service Business intelligence
  • Drag & Drop fashion to build dashboards
  • Active Alerts and Notifications on web and Mobile
  • Forecasting & R Language Integration
  • Efficient reporting tools.
  • Statistical tools for data visual analysis.
  • Customizability according to needs of management.
  • Reports arrangement based on departmental requirements.
  • Exportable in to different formats which include PDF, MS word, MS Excel and others.
  • Revenue categorization in accordance with the department, payment type and counter etc.
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