Hematology Oncology EMR Software

Hematologists are the specialists who are specialized in the study of blood, treatment of cancer and conduct the studies in oncology. Hematologists and oncologists often have to work in the high pressure work environment because of the life threatening conditions and that is the reason they need comprehensive Hematology/Oncology EHR software. CloudPital EHR software is made to assist you in the performance of office and operational tasks to let you focus on the patient completely. Our Hematology Management software is designed after working closely with the oncologists and hematologists to satisfy their practice requirements.

CloudPital Hematology and Oncology EHR software is user friendly and it contains the capabilities which are highly customized to your specific preferences which suits the practice needs in unique way. Our experts ensure that we incorporate the features and functions with main goal of improving the practice efficiency, secure the documents and generate reports and graphs to visualize the patient data. Hematologists and Oncologists must dedicate their full concentration and time on the patients with blood relevant diseases, tumors and cancer. CloudPital Oncology Practice Management software offers built-in templates and reports which are perfectly tailors to meet the unique needs of your clinic/hospital.




  • Acquired hemostatic disorders and genetic disorders
  • Anemia: Evaluation and treatment of anemias
  • Bone tumors
  • Central nervous system malignancies
  • Evaluation and treatment of bleeding, bruising, and petechiae or clotting
  • Germ cells, tumors, teratomas
  • Histocytic disorders
  • Iron disorders
  • Lead-related disorders
  • Liver tumors
  • Neonatal disorders
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Platelet disorders
  • Quantitative neutropenia and qualitative white cell disorders
  • Retinoblastoma and eye tumors
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma and soft tissue tumors
  • Thrombotic disorders
  • Tumors, cancer, masses
  • Wilm’s tumors




  • Clinical decision support
  • Clinical flow chart
  • Hematology / Oncology-specific templates
  • Chronic care management
  • Clinical device integration
  • Referral management
  • Flexible charting styles
  • E-prescribing & electronic lab orders/results
  • E&M Coding Assistance
  • Document & Image Management
  • Product/Supplement Dispensary
  • Tablet PC Enabled, Voice, Stylus, Mouse or Keyboard data entry
  • Go mobile device access
  • Single database for EHR, practice management, portal and reporting
  • Scalable solution fits practices of all sizes
  • Local professional implementation, training, and support services
  • ICD-10 Compliant
  • Client-server or cloud-based delivery models




  • Instantly access a comprehensive linear view of the patient’s care
  • Access patient information with a single click across all IMS applications
  • Eliminate labor-intensive chart pulls and re-files
  • Quickly access comprehensive patient information
  • Communicate key information better and with more accuracy
  • Provide rapid responses to chart/record requests and audits
  • Enhance the quality of care already being provided and better manage risk
  • Easily adapt to regulatory changes
  • Share information quickly and securely
  • Virtually eliminate the paper clutter and free up file storage space for productive use
  • Deliver care summaries & other information required by Meaningful Use
  • Eliminate transcription costs
  • Reduce office expenses related to chart creation and paper document printing

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