In patient ADT management Software

CloudPital offers another integral module on In Patient ADT Management Software or in-patient admission transfer discharge. This module takes care of admission, discharge and patient transfer process on seamless basis. This module certainly enables search on availability and it manages allocation of ward, room and bed to the patient as per availability or costs and it also manages the transfers in an efficient way. CloudPital lets you take care of appropriate discharge process and it ensures comprehensive discharge summary generation at the end.




  • Form for gathering precise data regarding patient.
  • Thorough evaluation of patient condition.
  • Tools for accompanying decision making process.
  • Recording doctors and nursing notes for management.
  • Orders processing to respective departments in real time.
  • Billing process management.
  • Management of payments to third parties.
  • Ward and bed allocation and transfer.
  • E-prescribing of medications.
  • Billing and final settlements.
  • Clinical packages management.

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