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Many radiology equipment come with Picture Archival and communication system but there are plenty of reasons why people needs to make choice of our PACS. CloudPital PACS Radiology Software offers the best tools for the manipulation of DICOM images. It is fully integrated with RIS of product CloudPital HMIS and rules out the chances of incompatibility with other PACS. It facilitates the storage of radiology images against the patients EMR details by offering precise data related to date, time and condition of patient which pertains to the kind of diagnostic imaging which was done. It offers easy access and manipulation of radiology images along with the reports.


  • Image storage ability to be online.
  • Automatic display warning in case of storage space used above than the limit.
  • Superior tools for manipulation and labeling of images.
  • Maintenance of storage system without data or time loss.
  • Provision of purge, archive and move lists on basis of user-defined criteria.
  • Tracking of films at different levels which include:
    • Master folder.
    • Subfolders.
  • Procedure including DSA and C.T. scan.
  • Reported and unreported status.
  • Picture archiving communication system communication with all the radiology modalities.
  • Integration with HMIS where reports and films are accessed and previous reports are available for references.
  • Radiographic images viewing at wards, ER, clinics with and without reports.
  • Primary and final reports view for urgent cases at ER and other selected areas.
  • Physicians ordering to refer the unreported images to radiologist which request urgent report.
  • Images viewing at different areas which includes clinics and wards etc.
  • Printing of high quality diagnostic images in external storage media.
  • Primary and final reports view for urgent cases at ER and other selected areas.
  • Images sending through internet and remote connection including outside hospital clinic with reports.

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