TPA and Insurance Management Software

Hospitals usually face the challenge of managing Third Party Administration (TPA) and cashless insurance management. CloudPital HMIS takes care of all the things and let the insurance companies integrate billing module in order to process settlement of bills of patient insured and covered. Our system helps in verifying eligibility of patient for reimbursement purposes and saves stakeholders from various hassles. This certainly works in real time and patient is prescribed in particular format with inclusion of discharge summary and consumption bills of patients. You can easily track the status of claims with our system.




  • Provision to ensure the recording of TPA and insurance details of patient.
  • Instant patient eligibility verification.
  • Claims forms online submission.
  • Follow up with TPA’s and insurance companies.
  • Submitted claims status enquiry.
  • Modules integration for discharge summary and other details.
  • Patient billing facility for services offered by hospitals which are not covered by TPA and insurance companies.
  • Cashless Hospitalization provisioning.

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