Dermatology EMR Software in Dubai UAE


Dermatology EMR Software in UAE personalized to deal skin treatments with innovative features and unique templates. Dermatology EMR Software in UAE fetch and analyze test reports, Our EMR Software in UAE provides greater accessibility of the charts from inside and outside of offices. Dermatologist rely upon the images so our system provides facility to save images which gathered from different sources. Dermatology EMR Software in UAE offers graphical integration, visual cameras and use tablets to draw patient’s diagrams. Plastic Surgery EMR Software in UAE deals with all problems of skin. Our system provides platform where doctors and surgeons treats patient in easier atmosphere because the templates and features we provide is on their fingertips.


Features of Dermatology EMR Software in UAE:


  • Patient Records easily accessible
  • Influential prescription Analytics tool
  • Patient treatment planning and scheduling
  • De-identified prescriptions
  • Education stuff for patient
  • Diagnostic templates
  • Digital charting
  • Patient flow
  • Lab and pathology order interface
  • Consultancy latter
  • Documentation
  • Capacity to save images
  • Procedure templates
  • Multi-sources of gathering data
  • Voice recognition
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Management scheduling
  • E-prescription
  • Lab automation
  • Smart phone/ iPhone/ iPad compatibility
  • High Level Security
  • ICD-10 compliant

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