Telemedicine EMR Software

Telemedicine is an exceptional field in terms of healthcare IT and it specially deals with the communication of health related information of patient with one or more remote healthcare entities. Health related information of patient gets communicated in terms of an online video chatting, text messages, audio/visual films, digital or DICOM images or any other digital form of data. All the information will be sent and received through internet or satellite communications and that’s why CloudPital telemedicine compatibility software is highly essential. CloudPital systems are highly compatible for all kinds of communications which are used in the healthcare field.




  • You will be able to allot unique identification numbers to patients.
  • Manage and make the appointments over telemedicine network.
  • Full video and voice connectivity.
  • It will offer complete provision to attach medical data which is transmitted as a core part of patient EMR.
  • Ability for remote doctor for accessing patient’s EMR.
  • It offers complete storage of information for all interactions inside the network.
  • You will have the provision for using the telemedicine network for supporting tele education.
  • Comprehensive GUI for the creation, retrieval and upgradation of patient information.

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