Patient Registration & Enquiry Management Software

Cloudpital offers a comprehensive approach to handle front desk pressure without too much effort and it manages the patient registration, appointment scheduling and other enquiries related to an appointment, specialist doctor’s availability and information of admitted patients. This module delivers fast and user friendly medical registration form which covers different aspects of a patient including personal, physical and demographic details. Our registration and enquiry management enables records for insured patients. CloudPital registration and enquiry management software has the ability to handle overseas patients efficiently.




  • Detailed information capturing of patient.
  • Patient image capture and storage.
  • Patient information crucial and mandatory fields.
  • Alerts to prevent the erroneous data entry.
  • Duplicate and junk Data entry checks.
  • Unique MR no. generation.
  • Enquiry assistance for inpatient details.
  • Multi criteria for registered patient.
  • Bar code generation and scanning.
  • Recording of insurance details.
  • Recording of overseas and local patient details.

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