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CloudPital Electronic medical record (EMR) software in UAE is digital record of medical chart. EMR software in UAE provides everything that you would find in a paper-chart. CloudPital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in UAE to handle health associated information for persons which is formed, maintained and customized inside any healthcare association. CloudPital EMR Software in UAE saves data in the organization in an ordered way so healthcare providers have an opportunity to access the clinical data based on needs, roles and security rights for an association. eClinic Software in UAE covers each aspect of your practice that empowers you to successfully deal with your work,  giving standard based settlement focuses to plan, Online Follow-ups, finish MIS reports, Laboratory Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in UAE and Med Directory for your practice. Our EMR software in UAE provides you solution which does the heavy lifting so you can get the peace of your mind in the period of modification.  Our team of collections and billing specialists combines with Collective-IQ, our advanced billing rules platform, to get you paid more, faster, and with less work on your end.



  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Encounter Assistants
  • Robust reminders, searches and prescription writing
  • Extensive stamp and custom form library
  • Data-Sharing
  • Interactive GUI for making data collection easier for transcriptionists.
  • Formatted collection of information on patients according to the requirement.
  • Patient records search option on the basis of patient ID, patient name etc.
  • Comprehensive clinical data repository.
  • Patient demographic details.
  • ICD-10 codes for clinical findings and diagnosis.
  • CPT codes for clinical and diagnostic procedures.
  • Tests and medications ordering in real time.
  • Customized forms for different specialties for the simplification of clinical history taking.
  • Clinical procedure records, medical images and laboratory reports.
  • Built in and customized reports offering.

Benefits of CloudPital EMR:

  • Better analysis and management
  • Smaller amount of fault found within individual medical records
  • More rapidly care and decision building reply from allocate medical professionals
  • Rapidly relocate patients record from one department to the next is a huge benefit
  • The memory accumulate benefit of a digital records environment
  • Maximize the number of patients served per day for improved patient workflow and increased productivity
  • Reduced operational costs such as transcription services and overtime labor expenses
  • Advanced e-Prescribing and clinical documentation capabilities
  • Plus an improved bottom line of the healthcare practice, enhanced through the ability to more accurately and efficiently process patient billing


CloudPital EMR Software in UAE offers the entire benefits and features at one place. CloudPital EMR Software in UAE is able to records the scanned documents or past records of patients in order to be tagged with patient ID according to the case to make retrieval possible at later stage.


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