Physical Therapy EMR Software

Cloudpital for Physical Therapy includes features for documenting initial examinations, re-examinations, progress notes, chart notes, discharge summaries, exercise flow sheets, and more. By making almost every office task easier, Physical Therapy can improve the workflow of your practice and decrease the overall costs associated with day-to-day operation.

Created by health professionals for health professionals, our Physical Therapy EHR Software is catered specifically to physical therapists. While developing the product, we worked with practicing physical therapists to understand the office requirements specific to the field. With the needs of physical therapists in mind, our templates come pre-populated with physical therapy billing codes and pre-printed letters, and also can be customized to meet the unique needs of your specific practice.

Our Physical Therapy EHR Software is fully customizable, and allows multiple people to access patient data from a central database. By implementing Physical Therapy EHR Software in your practice, you’ll be able to upload digital files from scanned patient records, create treatment protocols for standardized care, and integrate exercise flow sheets for exercise routines.

In addition, our Intelligent Medical Software works with other modules to provide easy access to crucial information, such as patient account balances, co-payments, prescriptions, and visit notes. Our simplified scheduling module includes customizable color coding, access to daily and weekly schedules, and allows for patients to be quickly scheduled with only a couple clicks.

With comprehensive clinical reports and efficient documentation, missed appointment reporting and transferring patient notes directly from the system will be easier than ever before. Our integrated billing, scheduling, and easily accessible medical records can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of your practice.




  • Injury History
    Auto Accident Questionnaire
    Workers Comp

    • Work Compensation Questionnaire Treatment
    • Work Restriction Templates
    • Work Status Templates Mode of Injury


    • Inspection
    • Active Range Of Motion
    • Passive Range Of Motion


    • Treatment Therapy
    • Treatment Plan

    Treatment Schedules

    • Modality
    • Techniques
    • Discussion


    • Arthritis
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Knee Exam
    • Scoliosis
    • Back Pain
    • Gout
    • Rotator Cuff
    • Spondyloarthropathies
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Joint Pain
    • Spinal Exam
    • Vasculitis



  • Use the built-in drawing tools to circle, check, or hand-write notes
  • Upload digital files from scanned patient records or diagnostic images
  • Customize your documentation preferences
  • Integrated exercise flow sheets for exercise routines
  • Create treatment protocols for standardized care
  • Flexible charting styles
  • Easy template setup for common therapist schedules
  • Pre-visit eligibility and co-pay verification
  • Daily and weekly schedules
  • Search for open appointments for any criteria
  • Customizable color coding
  • E&M Coding Assistance
  • Built-in outcome measurement tools
  • Faxing and emailing of patient notes directly from the system
  • Daily numbers for patient and therapist statistics
  • Referral counts for physicians
  • Progress note reminders
  • Missed appointment reporting
  • Document and Image Management
  • Tablet PC enabled, voice, stylus, mouse or keyboard data entry
  • Go mobile device access
  • Integrated SuperBilling
  • Single database for EHR and Practice Management
  • Scalable solution fits practices of all sizes
  • Local professional implementation, training, and support services
  • ICD-10 Compliant
  • Client-server or cloud-based delivery models




  • Save time and increase accuracy in the Visit Note by pairing notes with visual documentation using annotations
  • Color-coded schedules makes appointment setting a quick and easy process
  • Easily access patient information with a single click across all IMS applications
  • Eliminate labor-intensive chart pulls and re-files
  • Quickly access comprehensive patient information
  • Communicate key information better and with more accuracy
  • Enhance the quality of care already being provided and better manage risk
  • Share information quickly and securely
  • Virtually eliminate the paper clutter and free up file storage space for productive use
  • Eliminate transcription costs
  • Reduce office expenses related to chart creation and paper document printing

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