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Pediatrics is a medical field of practice diagnosis and treating children from infancy until about the time they reach adulthood. Physicians and practitioners, called pediatricians, can sometimes be overwhelmed by the demanding needs of their medical practice, tending to both the parents and their patients. IMS Pediatrics is a comprehensive practice management software that fully-integrated and customizable to suit your practice needs.

Meditab designed the pediatrics EHR software with one goal in mind, which is to help pediatricians give children the care they need to grow and maintain optimal health potential when they reach adulthood. IMS Pediatrics ensures this growth through a wide variety of modules such as growth charts, vaccination information, and immunization management. This information protected through our documentation management module to ensure that critical information is secure. One of the benefits of our pediatrics EHR solution is our care portal, which allows patients to access and update their personal information from anywhere, anytime.

IMS includes medical billing software improves the efficiency of your bill collections by using our pre-populated pediatric-specific billing codes that can be utilized in templates to streamline your billing process. Another feature of the IMS is the pediatric scheduling manager, which reduces redundant data entry and wasteful spending by preventing un-billable visits due to no-shows before they occur.

In addition, IMS Pediatrics helps streamline the flow of check-up appointments and check-in/check-out authorization to improve efficiency at your practice. This would allow physicians to create custom templates for preventative medicine while following best practices to give your patients a personalized treatment. Our pediatrics EHR software is designed to fit your needs, whether you have a small or large practice, we’ll tailor our easy-to-use solution to conform to your existing system.

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